Home for Sale

01Many people put their home for sale without truly taking into account many of the crucial factors associated with this important step. Anthony Picone always wisely advises his clients of the real estate market conditions, perspective of potential homebuyers and the importance of ensuring you have room to negotiate whether you’re selling or buying a home. While you have your home for sale, it is advisable to keep in mind that you want to allow prospective homebuyers to visualize themselves in your home. You certainly don’t want them feeling like they’re intruding into somebody else’s life. It is important to decorate in neutral colours and avoid unnecessary clutter to ensure that the potentially interested party can envision themselves living in your home.

A second, absolutely mandatory consideration when selling your home is to rid your house of all previous odours and smells. Expert real estate agent Anthony Picone says you may not realize this at first, but odd smells such as food traces, pet and smoking odours and mold can kill real estate deal pretty quickly. In a world of quick judgment and even quicker decision making, you want every possible advantage for your home that you can get. Also, in the interest of being a smart home seller, disclose everything up front. This means being honest about household defects and shortcoming in the structure, appearance or nature of your home. If your home is for sale, any compromising information should be given in writing to homebuyers. This will reduce liability and avoid untimely lawsuits in the future.